December 4, 2013

Save The Whales

I have always loved whales. They are more closely related to humans than any other creatures of the sea, and yet they look so different from other mammals. Their bodies elongated, their hands and feet turned to flippers and tails, they are able to swim underwater for great lengths of time, and they are giants: some of the largest animals ever to live on Earth. 

The Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, is my favorite species of whale with its bumpy chin, striped underbelly and a mouth that almost seems to smile. They also have some of the most spectacular behavior of all whales, moving through the water acrobatically and jumping out of it in all different ways. And yet these beautiful animals are persecuted daily, driven almost to extinction through the hunting practices of humans. I dedicate this ETSY Treasury to Save the Whales


Humpbacks are the musicians of the sea, singing complex songs to each other through their noses that can be heard for miles underwater. You can listen to these amazing noises for free at The Whalesong Project where you can also see some great photos of whales in Hawaii. Still, the language of the whales has not been completely deciphered, and we can marvel at the wonder of animals speaking to each other, much like the characters and whales in the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. What do you think they are saying?

Support Saving the Whales by Buying this cool calendar on ETSY by Hastings Studio or visiting The Whaleman Foundation site to support Saving the Whales. 

Photo Copyright Hastings Studio

I think that Whales are often depicted in craft mediums because their simple body shape is so appealing. I created this HumpbackWhale from stained glass a number of years ago from an original pattern I drew. Notice the textured clear glass that mimics the grooves in the whale's belly. 

Photo Copyright 2003 Amanda Shero

Humpback Whale Earrings by Lawrence Eichman

I recently bought this great pair of earrings from the Sandy Mountain Festival made by Lawrence Eichman, a local Oregon glassblower who makes some amazing glass animals; mostly sea life but also other creatures like hummingbirds and insects.

Photo Copyright Lawrence Eichman

This DIY Denim Whale Tutorial by Finnish Artist Mevrouw Walvis is so cute! This is a detailed sewing tutorial using recycled jeans fabric, cleverly using both the front and the back of the fabric for matching tones. All the great shapes and little embroidered elements come together to make one neat project! Make one yourself today and please respect her artistry!

Photo Copyright Mevrouw Walvis

Whales are an interesting evolutionary case study; in the PBS series Inside Nature's Giants, large animals who died naturally are dissected and their anatomy is studied to discover the many surprising ways that an animal can be adapted to its environment. A Sperm Whale, not a Humpback Whale, was used in this episode, but many of the facts remain the same. Did you know whales have five fingers, just like humans? 

Whales need our help to survive! Save the Whales!