May 2, 2013

Flight of the Bumble Bee

Bees are so small, yet so powerful. They are the reason we can enjoy fruits, vegetables, and flowers. They feed us with their pollination, and with their delicious honey. And their sting, while small, can overpower a much larger animal. Bees are peaceful, but their peace lies in their strength. Their graphic black and yellow coloring serves to remind us of their power. Humans may have domesticated bees, but our food and our ecosystem depends on the survival of wild bees and their hard work. 
To honor the bees, here is an ETSY Treasury I call Bumble Bee Fly

Fly on by little bumble bee...
Drink the flowers and be at peace...
Fly on by little bumble bee...
Just don't sting me...please...! 

Bumble Bee Bobby Pins: A Tutorial

Using supplies from you can make this cute set of bobby pins. Now when someone says "Hey, you have bees in your hair" you'll casually say "Did you know Bumble Bees prefer the color purple?" instead of running around screaming and waving your arms above your head. 

These are made from a pair of Bumble Bee Solid Brass Stampings by Nunn Design and a pair of Gold-plated Bobby Pins with a 10mm pad, glued together with some E6000 glue. As simple as that. Be sure to use enough glue to fill the many back crevices of the stamping to ensure a good hold, but not too much so it leaks out the sides. Let dry overnight and try them on!

Using a different metal blank, the Honey Bee also by Nunn Design, I have added to a Dragonscale Weave Chainmaille Hexagon pendant that I made so it would look more like a Honeycomb. Because these blanks have no holes, I glued a jumpring to the back so it was parallel to the body of the bee, and added it as I worked the Chainmaille weave. 

Crafty Cat Jump Rings 2013

Last fall, a friend and I were stung by bald faced hornets, and I had a reaction to their stings (or bites!). Until then, I never appreciated the full intensity of the flying stinger. Small, yet powerful. Although they are not bees, they too participate in insect colony life. A single individual will sacrifice itself for the good of the hive.

Crafty Cat Jump Rings 2013

"...she likes to call me King Bee, she likes to buzz 'round my tree...i call her honeybee..."
~Lyrics by Tom Petty~