June 24, 2012

Mushroom Mania

I've been thinking a lot about mushrooms lately, and how they emerge in the spring as well as the fall. The first hot & sunny day here in Oregon produced a huge crop of beautiful Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp) on an unassuming stump just along our driveway. The 'Fly Agaric' mushroom is known and appreciated worldwide! I have been rediscovering polymer clay and how great it is to use in making miniatures, especially miniature mushrooms. 

I recently made this miniature branch with a cluster of Amanita muscaria in the moss and was then inspired to make a treasury dedicated to this beautiful red and white mushroom (which also grows in orange/yellow with white in Western New York). 

Then, because I found so many cool creations to curate on the topic of mushrooms, I had to make another treasury to show off all the other interesting species of mushrooms out there!

I've also used my miniature polymer clay mushrooms as inclusions in this Woodland Art Yarn that I spun this Spring. In addition to orange translucent mushrooms, the yarn also has felted pebbles and is corespun with rust and brown wool and tan alpaca over a green cotton core. Tufts of hand dyed silk, angora goat curls, and different green wools look like moss!

Enjoy the long days of the summer solstice week ~ Happy Sunshine!